Behavior Therapy of New York


Behavior Therapy of New York
501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1709 New York, NY 10017  
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Telephone: (646) 522-7795
Email:  Dr. Rob Udewitz


Method of Payment

Fees are based on the client's financial situation and the treating clinician. Client's can often get reimbursement for part of the fee if they have "out-of-network" coverage in their insurance plan. We help clients with the necessary paperwork so they can receive the maximum allowable reimbursement for services.

About BTNY

Located in midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station, Behavior Therapy of New York provides psychological tools to improve the lives of adults and children by combining cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and biofeedback approaches. Scientific research has proven these techniques effective and often as powerful as psychiatric medication. Short-term treatment approaches are individually designed to every client's needs to provide long-lasting results. Psychological assessment is offered to investigate possible learning or attention disorders.


Client Testimonials

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